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About Us

Detroit XPAC is a political action committee or PAC. A PAC is a organization that makes contributions to candidates and causes. Our PAC is focused on supporting candidates who are building safe, livable, thriving communities in Michigan, specifically starting with Detroit and the Metro Area. Detroit XPAC does not affiliate with any particular party. Candidates running for office must adhere to our requirements in order to be selected for funding. 

Top issues 

In conversations with our fellow Michiganders, it would appear the top challenges for the next few elections are:

  • Safety - Real or perceived threats impact the desire of current residents to live in certain locations and the desire of locals to visit certain communities. But everyone deserves safe streets, no matter where they live. First responders must be available when called. Streets have to be well-lit for foot traffic to increase in neighborhoods with exciting new venues, restaurants and shops.  Most of this is happening, but funding may be needed to help support further improvements, and Detroit XPAC will support candidates who invest in programs that improve safety in Detroit. 
  • Education - The community deserves access to quality educational opportunities for children, teens and adults. Trade schools and basic soft-skills training are needed, too. This may translate to our PAC participating in School Board elections in Detroit. 
  • Public Transportation - We have heard countless times that public transportation options must improve in Detroit. However, when building public transportation systems, they must be both widely accessible and stop at a location at which it is worth arriving. All major cities around the world have functioning public transportation systems that link the suburbs to the cities, and allow visitors to arrive from the airport and head downtown to see the sights. Detroit XPAC supports candidates who understand and fund these initiatives. 
  • Diversifying Business - Detroit is certainly known for cars and music, but it should also be investing in programs that help the city diversify its portfolio. The governor and the mayor have done quite a bit to highlight and support diversity. Detroit XPAC has celebrated the recent movement to encourage new art installations, new artists, new cultural centers, new restaurants and stores to open, and will continue to spread the word that Detroit is reinventing beyond the automobile. Detroit XPAC would like to see more incentives put in place to support Detroit entrepreneurs, and would like to encourage media to highlight success stories from people of all backgrounds. 

Our Organization

Our Founders

Michael K Dorsey, Co-Founder


Dr. Michael Dorsey is a recognized expert on global governance and sustainability who hails from Detroit. For more than two decades, Dr. Dorsey has provided strategic guidance and advice to governments, foundations, firms and a multitude of others on the interplay of multilateral environment policy, finance and economic development matters. In 1992, under President George Bush, he served as a member of the U.S. State Department Delegation to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, “The Earth Summit.” From 1994-96, he was a task force member of President William Jefferson Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development. In 1997, in Glasgow, Scotland, Dorsey was bestowed Rotary International’s highest honor, The Paul Harris Medal for Distinguished Service to Humanity.  A “Life Member” of the Sierra Club, Michael served seven years as a Director on the Club’s national board.

From April 2007 until November 2008, Dr. Dorsey was a member of Senator Barack Obama’s energy and environment Presidential campaign team. In July 2010, the US Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA) Administrator, Lisa Jackson, appointed Dr. Dorsey to the EPA’s National Advisory Committee (NAC). Administrator Jackson reappointed Dr. Dorsey to the US-EPA NAC in 2012. In 2013, Dr. Dorsey was inducted as a “Full Member” to the Club of Rome and was named by the National Journal as one of 200 national “energy and environment expert insiders."

Julia Farber, Co-Founder & Treasurer

Julia Farber is an avid environmentalist and a proud Michigander.  She grew up in Oak Park and Royal Oak and considers suburban Detroit, more than anywhere else, her home.  Her family still resides in the metro-Detroit area, and she has many fond memories of Detroit, where her grandparents owned an office supply store for almost 40 years. 

Julia is a sustainability & marketing consultant, having recently worked for Quantis and for Epsilon, a data-driven marketing agency. She previously worked as a Business Development Manager at UL, Inc. (Underwriters Laboratories), where she focused on building the transaction and data security business. Shejoined UL in 2009, as part of a small team recruited to launch UL Environment. Her role was to manage global marketing, branding, outreach and communications for the business unit. She then moved to the Global Government Affairs team where her portfolio covered a variety of topics from energy issues to corporate sustainability to personal data management to social and environmental justice issues.

Prior to UL, she worked as a polling analyst for Brilliant Corners, a boutique polling firm and managed client relationships and portfolio investments at 

Julia has a BA in Political Science with a minor in Environmental Studies from the University of Michigan and an MPA in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University in the City of New York. She has an avid interest in urban development and community design.


Our Volunteer Team

Graphic + Web Design - Janice Cho
Janice Cho is a Graphic + Web Designer who lives and works in Chicago, IL. She hails from the West Coast and keeps California close to her heart as things get chilly in the midwest. Janice graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012 where she received her master's degree in Arts Administration and Policy. She believes wholeheartedly that art + design can change cities, impact lives, and revive struggling cultures - especially Detroit. 


Featured Photographer - Keesha Morrison
Keesha Morrison is the owner and lead photographer of LaKeesha Emerson Photography.  She is a Michigander from the great Detroit suburb of Royal Oak.  She's extraordinarily talented and very passionate about Detroit and photography.  We'll be featuring her photographs on our website for next several months. To hire Keesha locally, contact her here: or visit her Facebook Page.  

Color Photos are all copyright of LaKeesha Emerson Photorgraphy 2013.


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