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Do You Love Detroit?


Take the "I Love Detroit" Challenge!

Let's show the country that there's lots to love about our hometown, Detroit! Take the challenge - donate and tell the world why you love Detroit.

I love Detroit the way my grandma Vicki loved it. Unconditionally, even when it disappoints. Vicki and my grandpa learned to build cars here in the 20’s, and made a good life. Detroit re-invented life for millions of the working poor at the turn of the century. Now we need to re-invent Detroit again for a new generation. That’s why we moved back here. We can’t disappoint when we have an opportunity to deliver.
— Ron Stefanski, Detroiter

We have announced endorsements of Gary Peters, Mark Schauer and Stephanie Chang. We'd like to donate as much as we can to these candidates. Our goal is to raise $20,000 by October 31, 2016. We are counting on you!  Any donation level is appreciated, but it is suggested to donate at least $25. 

To take the challenge: Click on your preferred button to make a donation and then make a quick post on any social media outlet mentioning what you love about Detroit and asking your friends to do the same. Don't forget to tell us who shared the idea with you so they can get credit!

The person with the most referrals below will receive a "With Love from Michigan" care package, including some local favorites: dried Michigan cherries, Vernors, and Sander's Hot Fudge and a huge shout out from Detroit XPAC in our first video.

Remember, to donate to the political action committee, you must be a US Citizen. Please note that donations to political causes are not eligible for tax-deduction. 

Ready? Great, let's go! 

Please feel free to use the links below to connect to our social media sites as well. 

Step 1: Donate.

Donations will be sent online through the buttons below. We use a credible third-party political fundraising tool provided by NGP VAN to improve the likelihood that your donation will be made in a safe and secure manner.

You may also send us a check if you are not comfortable with the online procedure.  Checks can be made out to "Detroit XPAC" and mailed to the P.O. Box location on the Contact Us page. Please note whether you would like your donation to go towards a "Federal" or "State/Local" category. 

Supports elections for candidates running for Federal Office to the U.S. House of Representatives or to the U.S. Senate.

Supports elections run through the State of Michigan, including local office in Detroit, (i.e. Gubernatorial, State House, State Senate and County-level)

Step 2: Who Referred You to Us?

Your Name
Your Name
Who Told You About The "I Love Detroit" Challenge? *
Who Told You About The "I Love Detroit" Challenge?
Where will you share your story? *
Tell us why you love Detroit, and what you plan to share.
Because we are curious, are you registered to vote in Michigan?

Step 3: Share it!  

Tell everyone about the challenge, and help us build a network of Michiganders from coast-to-coast! 

Copy and Paste, and Fill in the Blanks:

For Facebook and LinkedIn: "I just took the "I Love Detroit" Challenge. I love Detroit because [tell your story here]. Now it's your turn! Tell DetroitXPAC why you love Detroit, and help them change the political scene in Michigan to give our hometown a better future. #313love"

For Twitter or Google+: "I Love Detroit Because [tell your story here]. @DetXPAC #313love."


"I love Detroit, and @detxpac. Can you help us spread the word about the 'I Love Detroit' Challenge? #313love


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For more details about why you should donate to Detroit XPAC, what we stand for or where your money will go, please click HERE

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