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We are in the process of transitioning to a new online portal, and during this transition U.S. Citizens* may contribute to the PAC via check at this time. Please note that contributions to political causes are not eligible for tax-deduction. Limitations exist on how much money a person can give per year.**

Checks can be made out to "Detroit XPAC" and mailed to the P.O. Box location on the Contact Us page. Please note whether you would like your donation to go towards a "Federal", "State/Local" or "Transportation" category. 

*To contribute to the political action committee, you must be a US Citizen.  If you are not a US Citizen, please tell your friends about our organization and help us spread the word. Also, please consider an alternative donation to one of these great causes.

**For individual contributions to Federal Campaigns, those limits can be found here on the FEC website. Meanwhile, Michigan campaign limits can be found here

What do you stand for?

We support candidates who are:

  • Pro-Detroit - Candidates who have demonstrated that they will not support revitalization efforts for the City or whose plans are to remove elective power from the City will not be receiving our support. 
  • Pro-Environment - Candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to building environmental design into the neighborhood, including investing in public transportation efforts, urban farming efforts, zoning changes to allow creative sustainable businesses, pro-parks, walkable communities, considerate of the potential for blight reclamation, and whose ideas fuse environmental planning into the future plans for the city are the type of candidates we support.
  • Pro-Community - Candidates who find a way to balance the needs of the current residents with the needs of future residents are the type of candidates we hope to support. This may include social justice considerations, smart growth design, strong school districts, capable community centers, supportive of creative communities, historic preservation and new business attraction
  • Fiscally - responsible - Candidates who find a way to meet the basic needs of the city: safety and community without repeating the mistakes of past politicians, ushering Detroit out of bankruptcy will for example be the type of candidates we support. 
  • Pro-Business - Candidates who are interested in bringing a diverse array of businesses to Detroit and who have plans to attract and retain businesses in a way that create healthy, safer, more culturally enriching communities are the type of candidates we support.

How it works:  

Political Action Committees may donate directly to candidates. They may also spend money on media and educational campaigns and to other PACs. Our specific PAC is unaffiliated with any one particular party or candidate.  We are an unaffiliated independent expenditure committee. We endorse the candidates whose political platforms, and if possible, whose history of action, reflects an understanding of place-making, sustainable urban planning and fiscal responsibility.  We send out requests to understand the issues on candidate platforms about which we care most. We review candidate responses to surveys and interviews. A committee of volunteers reviews the responses matching them against the goals of our organization, which will also align with the goals of local organizations. Once selected, we'll pool donations, and we'll report out where the money was allocated.  

We're also looking for the best ideas to hold the candidates accountable.  If you have suggestions, please send ideas to 

How Much Goes To The Cause?

100% of all funds will go to support Detroit XPAC and its mission.