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What is XPAC?

EX-PA-TRI-ATE (n.) A person who has taken up residence in a foreign land.

EX-PAT (n.) An abbreviation of the word expatriate

X-PAC (n.) A political action committee (PAC) intent on using the power of democracy to elect candidates that will expand access to safe, sustainable communities in our hometown Detroit. 

Our mission is to contribute to the revitalization of our Hometown by Electing the best candidates and supporting smart growth policies.

We, Michigan "Expats" and citizens of Michigan and Detroit, will help candidates who are seeking office in local, state and federal elections advance policies that will encourage sustainable community development, through social, economic and environmental justice, specifically focused on improving safety, access to education at all levels (K-12 and Adult Education) and investments in public transportation systems. We support candidates who have a thorough understanding of place-making, urban planning, financial responsibility and environmental responsibility. For examples, click here.

By advancing policies that encourage safe, sustainable communities, everyone benefits, no matter their political affiliation.

Bottom line: There are many ways to participate in the political process, and that you are entitled to leverage all of them. When you do, communities thrive. 

We want Detroit to thrive.



Featured Photos Below: Detroit XPAC Celebrates Detroit's 313th Birthday! 

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