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Inspiring Plans

A list of the top plans being used to design the future of the city

A New Detroit is in the Making

Detroit is poised to reposition itself as Michigan’s leading urban center once again, if there is a coordinated regional urban agenda that enables more mutually beneficial relationships with the region, state, and nation.
— Detroit Future City

Detroit is going through a reinvention period.  Many people are working on expanding opportunities within and around the city. As the city reinvents itself, we want it to be a place that people are able to find good jobs, care for their families and establish themselves as part of the community.

The following plans have been designed to help residents envision the future.

The plans will be used to determine our annual platform and screening questionnaires :

The Detroit Works/Future City Plan:

Kresge Foundation's Plans to Support Detroit:  

Complete Streets, Detroit to Pontiac:

City of Detroit, Transforming Detroit Plans:

Every City Has A Future, and It Does Not Include Blight:

Regional Transit Authority Master Plan:  

Detroit Submission to the DOT Beyond Traffic: The Future of Smart City Challenge: