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Our mission is to contribute to the revitalization of our hometown by electing the best candidates and supporting smart growth causes.

Our vision is simple: Leverage the PAC to elect Detroiters who will enact policies on safety, education and public transit, the cornerstones of strong, sustainable, thriving communities.  

Why would we do this?

Successful cities need responsible, ethical elected representatives. We started this PAC to remind you that democracy is yours. Participating in the political process, however you choose to do it, is vital to creating communities in which you want to live and visit. Making contributions to campaigns, however small or large, amplifies the chances that you will have a direct line to the people making decisions about your daily life, and the lives of your friends and families. By making contributions through a PAC, your contributions go further and have a greater impact.

How will we know we're having an impact? 

We are tracking our endorsed politicians and their causes.  We will see how truthfully that are able to adhere to fulfilling the long-term vision for the city:  sustainable, safe, healthy neighborhoods. 

We believe that one day,  when the politicians that we support demonstrate that they can maintain fiduciary responsibility, establish policies that allow businesses of all types to enter the city, raise the tax base to a sustainable level, provide basic city services, including public safety, create green spaces that people use often, launch a public transit system that works on time and moves people to exciting neighborhoods where they want to walk around and experience the city, we'll have really succeeded. 

We'll know Detroit is exceeding its promise when little kids talk about growing up and moving to the city because its filled with all of the opportunities. 

Won't you help us? 

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Our Approach

We support candidates who are:

  • Pro-Environment - Candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to building environmental design into the neighborhood, including transportation efforts, urban farming efforts, zoning changes to allow creative sustainable businesses, pro-parks, walkable communities, considerate of the potential for blight reclamation, and whose ideas fuse environmental planning into the future plans for the city are the type of candidates we hope to support.
  • Pro-Community - Candidates who find a way to balance the needs of the current residents with the needs of future residents are the type of candidates we hope to support. This may include social justice considerations, smart growth design, strong school districts, capable community centers, supportive of creative communities, historic preservation and new business attraction
  • Fiscally - responsible - Candidates who find a way to meet the basic needs of the city: safety and community without repeating the mistakes of past politicians, ushering Detroit out of bankruptcy will for example be the type of candidates we hope to support. 
  • Pro-Business - Candidates who are interested in bringing a diverse array of businesses to Detroit and who have plans to attract and retain businesses in a way that create healthy, safer, more culturally enriching communities are the type of candidates we hope to support.


In conversations with our fellow Michiganders, it would appear the top challenges for the next few elections are:

  • Safety - Real or perceived threats impact the desire of current residents to live in certain locations and the desire of locals to visit certain communities. But everyone deserves safe streets, no matter where they live. First responders must be available when called. Streets have to be well-lit for foot traffic to increase in neighborhoods with exciting new venues, restaurants and shops.  Most of this is happening, but funding may be needed to help support further improvements, and Detroit XPAC will support candidates who invest in programs that improve safety in Detroit. 
  • Education - The community deserves access to quality educational opportunities for children, teens and adults. Trade schools and basic soft-skills training are needed, too. This may translate to our PAC participating in School Board elections in Detroit. 
  • Public Transportation - We have heard countless times that public transportation options must improve in Detroit. However, when building public transportation systems, they must be both widely accessible and stop at a location at which it is worth arriving. All major cities around the world have functioning public transportation systems that link the suburbs to the cities, and allow visitors to arrive from the airport and head downtown to see the sights. Detroit XPAC supports candidates who understand and fund these initiatives. 
  • Diversifying Business - Detroit is certainly known for cars and music, but it should also be investing in programs that help the city diversify its portfolio. The governor and the mayor have done quite a bit to highlight and support diversity. Detroit XPAC has celebrated the recent movement to encourage new art installations, new artists, new cultural centers, new restaurants and stores to open, and will continue to spread the word that Detroit is reinventing beyond the automobile. Detroit XPAC would like to see more incentives put in place to support Detroit entrepreneurs, and would like to encourage media to highlight success stories from people of all backgrounds. 

We also make sure that we support:

  • Elected officials who have strong plans that match their job requirements
  • Equal representation for state funding opportunities
  • Creative zoning plans that allow for new uses of city blocks, like: green roofs, urban farms,  small renewable energy installations, art installations, walkable streets
  • Urban design that encourages community vibrancy
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Incentive programs for businesses and families
  • Cultural and recreational centers
  • Mixed - use and mixed-income developments