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Our mission is to contribute to the revitalization of our city, our first home, our roots, our history, our heritage, our future: Detroit.

Our vision is simple. We want Detroit to thrive.  We know you do too.

Our organization will unite the expat community of Detroit, Metro-Detroit and the great state of Michigan with the current local community and together we will use the power of democracy to rebuild our hometown by electing smart, responsible people into office.

Why would we do this?

We love Detroit. We believe in Detroit.  We know that Michiganders worldwide want Detroit to thrive. We know a lot of people who aren't from Michigan want Detroit to thrive. We know Detroit is one of the best cities in the country. Doesn't it deserve to be acknowledged by non-Michiganders, too? 

How will we know it's working? When most of its neighborhoods become hip destination points. When families and businesses to move to the city in droves.  When people of all backgrounds, nations, creeds and ages are safe to walk around downtown all day and all night as they frequent new restaurants, bars, museums, cultural attractions, and more. When young kids across America grow up telling people they want to move to Detroit. Basically, we'll know we're making progress when songs and poems are written which equate Detroit to Utopia... and when the people who make ruin porn move to another city to get their fix.

In sum, we're launching this organization to demonstrate that borders don't contain the love we have for our hometown. 

Won't you help us? 

Our Approach

Candidates must be:

  • Fiscally responsible
  • Aware of the impact of proper urban planning:
    • People have to want to go to the place you are establishing.  Something exciting must be there that draws them back. Walkable cities are preferred.
    • Cultural investments must be allowed, encouraged and celebrated
  • Willing to support measures that would advance a more sustainable and just city

For example, they should be:

  • Pro-public transportation
  • Supportive of creative zoning plans, that allow for green roofs, walkable city streets, art installations and walkable city streets
  • Understand the value of the watersheds and ecosystems surrounding the city and included within
  • Supportive of low-carbon energy choices
  • Supportive of mixed –use and mixed- income developments