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Interviews with Detroiters.

Detroit is one of the country’s most iconic cities. Detroit is what puts Michigan on the map. In all of my travels, people around the world are concerned about Detroit and its future - from the most remote locations in the Amazon to the Mega-metropolises in Asia. What we are building with this PAC has the potential to shape Detroit’s recovery. When Detroit rises again, its story will reverberate throughout the world.
— Dr. Michael K. Dorsey

Share your vision for Detroit.

Detroit is making a comeback. It's an exciting time. Countless possibilities exist for the future of the city. As Detroit XPAC establishes itself as an influential organization, we would like to be sure that we are advocating for the aspirations of Michiganders everywhere.   

Tell us what you would like to see, and what you would do if you were in charge of Detroit. We'll collect ideas, publish them here, and where possible incorporate them into our broader goals. Please, share your perspective with us: