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Candidates & Causes

In 2018, Detroit XPAC will be working to put progressive voices in office. To make a contribution to support this cause, please visit our contribution page.

In 2016, Detroit XPAC supported the passage of the RTA's plan to provide Detroit, and all of its visitors, with a working transportation system. The plan did not advance, but Detroit XPAC is working with local representatives to consider alternative paths to innovative transportation options for Detroit.

In 2014, Detroit XPAC endorsed:

  • Rep. Gary Peters for United States Senate (WON)
  • Stephanie Chang for Michigan House of Representatives, District 6 (WON)
  • Rep. Mark Schauer for Governor

We are currently evaluating candidates for endorsement. Candidates must be running for office in the State of Michigan, for local, state or federal positions.

To apply for endorsement and funding, please fill out our survey. The survey is downloadable here.


Election day is November 6, 2018. Detroit XPAC is currently working on our plan for 2018.


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